Alex Velasquez-Bahena

When you’re 22 years old, you never expect to have a stroke. But for Alex Velasquez-Bahena, that would be reality.

Robin Russell

While Robin was fighting worsening symptoms from COVID-19, he also faced challenges outside his recovery. As he was in the hospital, Robin lost his home and nearly all his belongings in the Boulder County Fires.

Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller led an active lifestyle before contracting COVID-19. He came to Vibra to work on his activities of daily living so he could get back to the life he loved.


Robert faced huge setbacks after hi stroke. Even with all these challenges, he maintained his funny personality and stayed determined to recover.

John S.

John S. worked with his therapy team to gain his mobility back after suffering a massive stroke. He is now walking short distances and continues therapy in the comfort of his own home.

Ron C.

Ron C. fought hard for his life after contracting COVID-19. He went from not being able to speak or move to taking hour-long walks around the facility.

Gigi Titus

Despite her impairments from a recent stroke, Gigi Titus came into rehabilitation with a smile on her face, ready to start her journey to recovery.

Joseph Szarkowicz

After sustaining multiple orthopedic injuries after a bad fall, Joe is now walking again. Being away from home was a challenge, but he drew from the support he received from the staff.

The Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver staff celebrate Natalie Garrett's discharge to home

Natalie Garrett

Because she lives independently at home, Natalie wanted to work hard on the stairs during her therapy sessions

Tony Suazo

Tony Suazo arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver after having both legs amputated below-the-knee. Tony had a lot to accomplish before he could return home safely.