Alex Velasquez-Bahena

When you’re 22 years old, you never expect to have a stroke. But for Alex Velasquez-Bahena, that would be reality.

At home one day, Alex suddenly lost the ability to use the left side of his body. He was rushed to the hospital, where tests revealed that Alex had a large hemorrhagic stroke. He required intensive medical input to be stabilized. After a stay in the ICU at Lutheran Medical Center, Alex was ready for intensive rehabilitation and transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver.

When Alex arrived at Vibra, he continued to have fluctuating blood pressure and intense dizziness due to the stroke. Vibra’s interdisciplinary team, made up of physician, nursing, pharmacy, respiratory, and therapy teams, worked to improve Alex’s symptoms so he could better participate in therapy.

At first, Alex couldn’t sit on the edge of his bed, stand, transfer, bathe, dress, or even eat without significant assistance. But with the support of his loving family, Alex worked extremely hard on his recovery. Quickly, Alex made significant progress.

Each day, Alex participated in three hours of therapy to progress toward his goals of walking and returning home with his family. His daily sessions included physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Alex also benefited from Vibra’s state-of-the-art technology during his therapy sessions.

Utilizing electrical stimulation to his arm, leg, and face, Alex experienced increased muscle activation and improved altered sensation. Soon, he was able to get on the treadmill with the assistance of the Bioness Vector, a dynamic bodyweight offloading system. That enabled Alex to challenge himself safely under the guidance of his therapists.

After about a month in rehab, Alex met his goals of walking again and returning home with his family. On his way out the door, Alex gave the Vibra staff high fives with his affected left side. Outside, his family and his dog were waiting to escort him home.

We are so proud of Alex’s progress and know he will continue to progress at home and back to living his life to the fullest!