Gigi Titus

Gigi Titus came to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver after surviving a stroke. She went from living an independent life and taking care of her grandchildren, to requiring help with everyday life. Her balance, walking, and activities of daily living were significantly impacted by the stroke.

Gigi started rehabilitation committed to her recovery from day one. She always brought a positive attitude and smile to therapy despite the extent of her impairments. She worked through occupational, physical, and speech therapies for three hours each day. Her recovery plan focused on neurological re-education, cognitive retraining, balance training, gait training, and practicing activities of daily living.

Because of her hard work and determination, Gigi progressed from needing two people for assistance to just one person. She returned home with her family, who continue to support her journey to recovery. Gigi’s care team at Vibra is extremely proud of her progress and her ability to confidently return to her life!