John S.

It started as an ordinary day when John arrived at work, but this day proved to be anything but ordinary. A massive stroke left him unable to speak or move. After a prolonged period in the ICU, he was stable enough to transfer to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver.

The stroke left John with minimal movement on the right side of his body. He experienced difficulty swallowing and had trouble communicating. Initially, he required two people to help him stand up, get out of bed, and get dressed. Eating solid food was not an option either.

Despite these setbacks, John stayed motivated and progressed through therapy. As a former healthcare worker himself, he knew what it took to get better – positivity, strength, courage, and some humor. He and his occupational therapist focused on neuro recovery with his right arm. This helped him practice reaching, grasping, and completing functional tasks.

In physical therapy, John used his body weight and support from the Bioness Vector® to take small steps. He went from the parallel bars to overground walking with a cane without bodyweight support. With some assistance, he even progressed to stair training. He worked diligently in speech therapy on communication strategies and swallowing solid food.

With guidance from his therapists, nurses, and doctors, John made enormous gains in rehabilitation. His supportive family played a crucial role in recovery as well. Whether in person or through the window, his wife and daughters cheered him on every step of the way. John is now walking short distances with a cane, eating solid food, and continues therapy in the comfort of his own home. He is looking forward to getting back to his old hobbies like gardening.