Jose Esquibel

Before a terrible bout with the flu, Jose Esquibel lived a fulfilling and independent life. When he wasn’t working, Jose loved to take his two-year-old son to the park near their home. But when Jose contracted influenza A, he developed superimposed bacterial pneumonia, which led to an extensive hospital stay.

Because of his extended hospitalization, Jose needed intensive rehabilitation to regain his function and independence before safely returning home. For his recovery, Jose transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver.

When he arrived at Vibra, Jose required assistance to complete all his self-care activities. For example, even taking a shower was so exhausting that Jose needed help to dry himself and get dressed. In addition, because of his weakness and balance deficits, Jose required 25-50% assistance with transfers and mobility. Swallowing, too, was difficult, and Jose needed a feeding tube to meet his nutrition needs.

Despite the challenges he faced, Jose was ready and enthusiastic from Day One to work on regaining the strength in his legs, arms, core, and swallowing muscles. Jose was determined to get his everyday life back!

That hard work resulted in many celebratory moments during Jose’s stay at Vibra. These moments included his first shave, removing his feeding tube and eating solid foods again, drinking a regular soda after weeks of thickened drinks, walking without staff assistance in his room, and finally being able to lift his “child” in a simulated activity.

Within ten days, Jose improved to walking independently in his room. Eventually, Jose could even walk across the outside parking lot and up-and-down inclines and stairs with supervision — all in preparation for taking his son to the park again.

Thanks to all his hard work and determination, Jose discharged home with his family, fully independent with his daily routine and mobility.