Joseph Szarkowicz

While visiting Colorado for business, Joseph Szarkowicz fell from an elevated surface. He sustained multiple traumatic orthopedic injuries that required extended care. He began his recovery at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. Being far from home made his recovery even more challenging.

When Joe first started rehabilitation, he couldn’t tolerate getting out of bed due to the pain and extent of his injuries. His team of therapists knew that he had a challenging road ahead of him. They took it slow focusing on one day at a time. He set his goals and worked hard to achieve them.

“One of my goals was to walk out of the hospital, even if I used a walker. Given the incredible work of all of the staff, I was able to accomplish this,” Joe explained.

Joe progressed from requiring significant assistance with all mobility to walking with a walker and cooking meals independently. His positive attitude, determination, and hard work during his daily therapy sessions gave him his life back.

Throughout his recovery, he drew from the unconditional love and support he received. “My wife, Brenda, provided love and kept up my expectations of recovery, even from miles away in Indiana. Also, the entire staff including doctors, nurses, administrative staff, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and even housekeeping and dietary staff provided support and motivation for me to work as hard as possible.”

Joe also received support from other patients that he associated with. He explained, “We tried to keep each other smiling while working hard to meet our daily tasks.”

After making great progress in his recovery, Joe flew home with his wife to get back to his happy and independent life. “I will always remember the staff that took a personal interest and helped me at Vibra, one step at a time, through some trying periods both physical and emotional. A sincere thank you to everyone and may God bless you all!”