Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller came to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver following an extended hospital stay in acute care after acquiring COVID-19. Upon arrival, he required two people to help him stand in a supportive frame to move from one surface to another. He could only tolerate staying up in the recliner for short periods before needing to lay back down. He also needed assistance for all activities of daily living (ADLs).

After having COVID-19, Kevin had an increased heart rate. His occupational and physical therapists worked alongside his respiratory therapist to assist in monitoring his oxygen needs and his heart rate. Acronyms such as Attitude Preparation Execution (APE) and Sounds Like A Plan (SLAP) helped in his recovery.

Despite these challenges, Kevin maintained his motivation. He focused on his goal of returning home to his active lifestyle of grilling and playing hockey. Over time, using energy conservation techniques, increased endurance, and strength, he became independent with all his ADLs.

Kevin went from using the supportive frame to a walker. He even independently walked out and down the stairs of the facility on discharge day. Excited to return home, Kevin plans to work his way back to the ice with his teammates.