Before his stroke, Robert lived a completely independent life. He worked as a carpenter and enjoyed being outdoors. Robert loved to sit outside on his land with his cats. His busy lifestyle changed when he had a massive stroke that left him with no function on one side of his body.

When Robert arrived at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver, he needed help rolling, sitting up, and transferring to his wheelchair. He couldn’t even stand or walk. Even with these setbacks, he didn’t give up. The staff enjoyed being around him for his joking personality and great work ethic.

Therapy wasn’t easy for Robert, and there were many days that he wanted to give up. But he kept up the hard work and made phenomenal progress. Upon discharge, Robert could wheel himself around with his wheelchair. He could get up and out of bed, transferring with no physical assistance. He even got to a point where he could walk with his walker.

Robert’s main goal was to get home, and after working extremely hard at Vibra, he achieved that goal. Robert went to his brother’s house with the plan of making his way back up to his place in Wyoming. He looks forward to working on his recovery, so he can get back to doing the things he loves.