Ron C.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted Ron C. in ways he never expected. He was going about his everyday life, working and spending time with his wife, when he tested positive for COVID-19. He immediately went to the hospital and was moved into the ICU. There, his symptoms became severe, and he had to fight for his life.

After a long period in the ICU, Ron transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. COVID-19 impacted his right arm, lungs, memory, quality of speech, and leg strength. He required assistance getting out of bed, getting dressed, and walking on his own.

Since day one of his rehabilitation, Ron’s enthusiasm, courage, and positive attitude illuminated the facility. He was always eager to work and was ready the minute therapists walked into his room. Together, he and his therapists set short-term goals for the week.

Ron worked with occupational therapy on neuro recovery of his right arm. This helped him work on functional tasks such as dressing and self-feeding. In physical therapy, he focused on leg strength, balance, and walking. They also worked on increasing his endurance with the hopes of getting off oxygen and back to work. With his speech therapist, Ron concentrated on memory and problem-solving. Daily visits from his supportive wife kept him motivated.

Through his hard work and dedication, Ron achieved his goals. Eventually, he could go on hourly walks around the facility, socialize with staff, and do exercises outside his regular therapy. He exceeded expectations and made tremendous strides in his recovery. Ron has returned home to continue his therapies without supplemental oxygen.